Who is Jesus?


Unit 3: Old Testament Fulfillment in the Gospels

Welcome to the third unit in our course on the nature of Jesus. In this unit we will consider the various fulfillments of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah in Jesus of Nazareth. A closer examination of how these prophecies are fulfilled will help us to further uncover Biblical truths about the identity and nature of Jesus.

In this unit we will also examine and compare texts of the Old Testament with the Gospels’ accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus.

There are six sections in this third unit of the course:

        1.    Unit introduction

        2.    Jesus, the fulfillment of the Old Testament

        3.    Jesus, the promised Healer

        4.    Jesus, the foretold King

        5.    Jesus, the one who comes in the Name of the Lord

        6.    Jesus, the Light of the Gentiles

As in the previous sections, do make sure to have your Bible and a notebook ready. Make sure to take good notes as well as record any further insights that you might gather from your study.

Learning occurs when we are no longer afraid to ask any question of the text. The early church fathers often proclaimed that when we read the Bible, that the text reads us as well.