Exploring the Ancient World


Unit 1: Mesopotamia and Egypt

In this unit, we will explore the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization that have provided the foundations of western thought, society, and culture. In this unit we will cover the following:

1. Egyptian and Mesopotamian Worldviews, including their literature and religions.

2. Egyptian and Mesopotamian Life, including their social and political systems, and the role of geography in influencing their cultural outlooks.

3. Throughout this unit, you will also have opportunities to read ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian literature that will provide valuable insights into their cultures and belief systems. You will also see how a small ethnic group – the Hebrews – interacted with the peoples around them and how these interchanges were recorded in the Holy Bible.

4. Finally, you will be confronted – as these ancient civilizations were – with the enduring question: Who is God? Dr. Corné Bekker, Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent University, will provide his insights and then you will be asked to answer and discuss this very important question – Who is God?

Take your time and study the materials carefully. You will be richly blessed by the contents of this unit!