Exploring the Ancient World


Unit 3: The Greek Civilization

Welcome to the third unit in this course. In the previous unit we started our exploration of the Greeks and in this unit we will continue. Here are the main topics we will be covering:

1. Greek Philosophy, including the foundational thinkers of western civilization: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

2. Greek Art, including sculpture, architecture, and literature.

3. The Road to Empire, with special attention to the Peloponnesian Wars and the conquests of Alexander the Great.

4. The Hellenistic Era, including the writings of Epicurus and the Stoics.

5. What is a Good Human Being? In the final section of the unit, Dr. Susannah Clements will share her thoughts on this enduring question from a biblical perspective. You will be asked to interact with this fundamental question of human existence through discussions with your classmates.

It is important that you reflect on the important ideas and concepts in this unit, especially the final question on what it means to be a good human being. This is something that all of us have to address in our own lives and in society as a whole. Hopefully, this unit will help you to better answer this question.