Exploring the Ancient World


Unit 4: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Welcome to the fourth unit in this course. With this unit, we transition from the Greeks to the Romans, although, as you will see, there is considerable overlap in the development of these two civilizations.

In this unit, we will cover the final key areas:

1. The Rise of Rome, including the role of Virgil’s The Aeneid in Roman history, and the expansion of Rome through wars with its Mediterranean rival, Carthage.

2. Empire, including the problems that Rome encountered as it transitioned from a kingdom to a republic to an empire.

3. The Pax Romana: in this section, we will study the 200 years of peace and prosperity in the Empire

4. Christianity and the Roman Empire, including the reasons for the expansion of Christianity in the Empire, and the influence of Constantine the Great.

5. The Decline of Rome will look at the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire in the West and the transition of Europe to the Medieval Period.

6. In this final section, you will be asked to consider the enduring question, What is a Good Society? Dr. Bill Reddinger, Assistant Professor of Government at Regent University, will offer a biblical perspective on this fundamental question and then challenge you to respond to it as well.

As this course comes to a close, spend some time reflecting on all that you have learned and all of the questions raised and, hopefully, answered.

Enjoy this final unit.