Introduction to Franchising


Unit 1: The Franchising Landscape

Welcome to Unit 1, Section 1 in the Introduction to Franchising course. The first section of each Unit provides a road map for the rest of the sections in that Unit:

  • Section 2 of this Unit introduces the basics of the franchise ecosystem.You’ll meet franchisees and franchisors.You’ll learn what they do and how they interact to produce goods and services for customers.
  • Section 3’s video provides a tour of franchising, so you can see the wide variety of businesses that are franchised.
  • Why are some businesses franchised and others not?Section 4 examines what makes a business suitable for franchising.
  • You were probably drawn to this course because you have heard that franchising provides opportunities to earn a good living and to accumulate wealth for your family.Section 5 demonstrates this with some simple calculations.
  • Finally, in section 6, we ask you to consider your life goals.Some of you may not have taken much time to do this.Here you will have a chance to evaluate your life purpose and goals to see how they line up with opportunities in franchising.