Introduction to Franchising


Unit 4: Becoming a Franchisor

Welcome to Unit 4, the final unit of Introduction to Franchising

  • Unit 1 gave you the big picture, the landscape of franchising.
  • In Unit 2 we looked at the life of a franchisee operating a single unit.
  • In Unit 3, we looked at two ways to get involved with multiple units, as a multi-unit owner and as an Area Developer.

Now, we turn our attention to the franchisor. In this four (4) section unit, we will look at what motivates someone to jump through all the legal, financial, and organizational hoops to start a franchise? How do they do it? What makes franchisors successful? In this unit, you will hear from several franchisors who speak to these issues. You will also have an opportunity to evaluate business ideas for their suitability for franchising.