What did Jesus teach?


Unit 1: The Four Gospels: Jesus as the Word of God

Welcome to the first unit in our course on the message of Jesus. In this unit we will focus on gaining the necessary skills to read and to interpret the sacred Scriptures in the New Testament. In order to fully comprehend the message of Jesus, we first have to understand the documents in which they come to us.

We will spend time considering the Bible’s central theme, as well as the language and literature of these sacred texts. We will examine some basic tools on our quest to fully understand the Bible and finally consider how Jesus is referred to as the Word of God.

There are six sections in this first unit of the course:
1.    Unit introduction
2.    The Bible’s central theme
3.    The language of the Bible
4.    The literature of the Bible
5.    Tools for Bible study
6.    Jesus, the Word of God

Do make sure to have your Bible and a notebook ready as you progress through each of the sections and units of this course. We encourage you to make use of a good, literal and contemporary translation of the Bible in your study. For this course we will use the English Standard Version (ESV).

Do not hesitate to stop, reflect and to re-examine the material presented. It is not the hurried reading and watching of material that makes for great learning, but rather the careful reflection on the truths communicated that makes for transformed thinking.