Why did Jesus live?


Why was it necessary for the Son of God to come to earth? Why did he come to live, labor, minister, suffer and ultimately die an especially cruel death at the hands of Roman soldiers? Why did God raise him from the dead? These are all questions that are focused on the mission of Jesus. What was the purpose of Jesus, the Christ of God?

In this course we continue to examine this enduring question: Why did Jesus live? We will examine the evidence of the canonical Gospels in the New Testament and explore the words, actions and experiences of Jesus in them. The word “canonical” comes from the Greek “kanon” which means “rule” or "measuring stick.” This term refers to the sacred texts that the early Church deemed to be inspired, trustworthy and without error. With regards to the mission of Jesus, we are blessed to have four accounts, four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This course is comprised of four units that explore the following topics:

Unit 1: The Gospels as the fulfillment of Old Testament
Unit 2: The Crucifixion of Jesus in the Gospels
Unit 3: The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospels
Unit 4: The Farewell Discourses of Jesus in the Gospels

The lead instructor for this course is Dr. Corné Bekker, Professor of Biblical Studies at the College of Arts and Sciences at Regent University. In this course, Dr. Pat Robertson and Gordon Robertson also join us with some older, recorded teachings on the mission of Jesus in the Gospels. 

Please note that there are a number of self-paced reflection questions in most of the sections and a final reflection exercise at the end of the course. These exercises will help you to review, monitor and assess your learning and comprehension in the course.

Finally, this course is designed to provide the participants with substantial knowledge about the life, teachings, and nature of Jesus Christ. However, the for-credit version of this course, which will be available within the next several months, will require additional work, materials, and assessments that will be made available at that time.