Intelligent Design - Q&A

by Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas

In this final video on Intelligent Design, Dr. Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas take questions from the “Socrates in the City” audience.

Darwin's Doubt

by Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas

What worried Charles Darwin about his theory of evolution? Listen to this conversation between Dr. Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas for some answers.

Why Intelligent Design?

by Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas

What is Intelligent Design and how does it respond to the theory of evolution? These questions and others are discussed during a Socrates in the City event.

The Power of Film

by Booker Mattison

Can cinema be both artistic and morally good? Can films change lives for the better? Explore the redemptive and artistic power of film.

Father and Son

by Gordon Robertson

How are values transitioned successfully from one generation to another? Visit with Gordon Robertson, CEO of CBN, as he shares his journey.

The Future Family

by Lynne Marie Kohm

How does family breakdown affect us? Strong families are the bedrock of strong societies. Be challenged to pursue the transformation needed to heal hurting homes.

Educating Persons

by Dale Coulter

What is the purpose of higher education? Is it to form citizens, professionals or human beings? Watch and consider anew why education is essential for today’s world.

Christianity & War

by Eric Patterson

Does Christianity ever justify war? Or is the appropriate Christian response to armed conflict to “turn the other cheek?” Watch this engaging talk and decide for yourself.

A Life Well Lived

by Dr. Pat Robertson

What are the secrets to a well lived life? Reflect upon the life of Pat Robertson as he provides a window into his amazing entrepreneurial journey.

Character & Leadership

by Doris Gomez

What makes a great leader – competence or character? Re-evaluate your own leadership values as you pursue being a great leader.

American Exceptionalism

by Paul Bonicelli

Is the United States exceptional or just another country in human history? Consider whether American exceptionalism exists and makes a difference in the world.

Presidential Power

by Jay Sekulow

The American Presidency has grown to become the most powerful political institution in the world. Is this a wise trend? Decide for yourself.

The Right to Die

by Jeff Brauch

Do human beings have the right to commit suicide? What other rights do we have and who decides what these rights are? Discover why these questions matter.